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Where do you go once you go to the moon?

Back in 1969, the moon landing gave humanity of its most subliminal moments. Though the vision of man’s first step on the moon has been ingrained in the minds of those who weren’t even around to witness it, not many cameras covered the aftermath. On their return to earth, the astronauts realised that their lives had changed dramatically. Unimaginable, but some of them actually suffered psychological problems and battled depression. The reasons were many but a plausible reason is – where do you go once you go the moon?

One wonders if the Indian team finds itself in the position that the astronauts found themselves in.

Though experts point out to various factors for the team’s failure, a fan doesn’t read much into them. A fan only shares the pain but not the dressing room. Every consecutive defeat, where the margin of defeat is only increasing shows a certain sense of listlessness in the team. Like they turned up and expected the wind to blow in their favour.
Much was spoken about o…

Workaholics synonymous

A time to wait

The value of some revered spirits (the alcoholic variety) grow exponentially with time. But sometimes, patience is more than just a virtue, it is self-inflicted torture. Just as all eyes, tongues and analysis are centred on Sachin Tendulkar’s magnum opus, one’s mind must think back to all times that this wait could have ended.
For when a triple figure is a run or two away, a lot of things seemingly change. The audience doesn’t leave their seats. People who didn’t know a match was on suddenly put life on hold for the century to materialise. The commentary gets focussed. Suddenly, a landmark, a career revival or a stamp of authority is waiting to be written. When it doesn’t occur, all hell breaks loose.  At the drop of a hat, the match is junked and everyone returns to find succour in their humdrum existence, where heartbreak can be kept at a safe distance. Crowds are stunned into abject disbelief. Television sets go from being the harbingers of hope to being what they are – idiot boxes.