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Puliyogare should be the symbol of love

In the not so distant future, there'll be a tamil movie that will tell of a love quadrangle. The title track of the the movie is tentatively titled ‘enga irunthai puliyogare’ (where were you puliyogare?), where all the concerned parties dance in a tamil movie hot spot like Mauritius. The dialogue that precedes the song will be something like this:
Girl: 'Nambalode kadhal compare pannuna, yedeke compare pannuve'? (what would you compare our love to?)
Boy: 'En amma ode puliyogare ke' (my mother’s puliyogare) Girl (looking terribly flustered): 'Puliyogare ka'? (to puliyogare?)
Cut to song
Love has many symbols, most of which lack any sense of practicality. Observation, an unbridled love for puliyogare and connecting the dots has led to a eureka moment - puliyogare is the new symbol of love. As you observe the rigmarole of any romantic relationship, you will see this correlation play out in all its glory. 
Puliyogare is prepared by mixing rice and tamarind paste (kno…

Filter coffee (and Mila Kunis) on a day like today

On a day like today when the sun plays your favourite childhood game of hide and seek and the only thing you want to do is pull back the rug in an attempt to catch the deep sleep that just won’t come back, brush open the curtains a little. You’ll think you’re in the movies, the weather so perfect you’ll look next to you to check if Mila Kunis has also woken up, her hair hiding the twinkle in those eyes that can cause even the most abstinent to disintegrate. You’ll then realise it’s your pillow playing tricks on you but the weather outside is still like it is in the movies. Waking up still seems onerous but days like these are not meant to be experienced from the comfort of your bed.
On a day like today, you need filter coffee. That’s all. The aroma of the decoction percolates to the whole house and catches your nostrils just as your head is about find the comfort of the pillow and the imaginary Mila Kunis’s gentle caress. Filter coffee is what coffee is all about. It maybe served unde…

Bachelor boy blues

There comes a time in every bachelor’s life when a face in the crowd pops the million dollar question – ‘so when’s your turn’? Until now, the dignified reply has been to scratch my beard and respond with the cricket score. When there isn't any cricket being played, the discussion is deftly steered toward when Sachin Tendulkar should call it a day. And if he retires, all talk will revolve around his retirement and the question will die a natural death, albeit for a little while. 
It's a moment that takes a leaf out of Saint Paulo Coelho’s evergreen quotable quotes – except, in cases like these, the universe conspires to help you get what they think you want.Until that point, your days are lived in relative obscurity, with all cares in the world relegated to how to feign illness next Monday, where to get wasted on Friday and how to look busy in the intervening days. And just like that fateful day, many moons ago, when you lost your innocence with a bunch of magazines that were h…