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Ronnie on summer holidays and work-life balance

My childhood occurred before the summer camp era and it was a time when parents worried about how much time their kids spent outdoors unlike now, when they are concerned about how much they spend indoors. When the summer holidays were coming to a close, a sense of melancholy set in. No more endless games of cricket and mangoes after lunch. Writer Mike Royko eulogized the last day of summer holidays in this fashion:
“When I was a kid, the worst of all days was the last day of summer vacation, and we were in the schoolyard playing softball, and the sun was down and it was getting dark. But I didn’t want it to get dark. I didn’t want the game to end. It was too good, too much fun. I wanted it to stay light forever, so we could keep on playing forever, so the game would go on and on. That’s how I feel now. C’mon, c’mon. Let’s play one more inning. One more at bat. One more pitch. Just one? Stick around, guys. We can’t break up this team. It’s too much fun. But the sun always went down. And…