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The obituary of a wisdom tooth

Much talk time on television shows is wasted on the death sentence and the morality issues surrounding it. Countless debates ensue on the unspeakable cruelty that occurs unchecked at modern Auschwitz’s like the Guantanamo bay. But as much as I would have liked to believe that I am face of all human rights abuses, I am forced to reconsider my plea in this regard. News anchors don’t hold living rooms to ransom on my behalf. Amnesty International doesn't file petitions in my name. So amidst much tooth wrenching pain, I have decided to take up my own cause and speak of the unspeakable cruelty that wisdom teeth are subject to.

I presume there must have been some discomfort. My owner keeps holding his jaw and it doesn't look too serious. In my humble opinion, the cause of the pain can be divided into 3 major factors: The fake smiles (a genuine smile doesn't hurt, trust me)Junk foodThe incessant chatter and gibberish that my master thrusts upon the unsuspecting, innocent and cruel …