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The Winter session – Ronnie’s perspective on perspective and other things.

It’s been some time since I cared to make my ominous presence felt. Sorry, the cold makes my teeth clatter and I begin to ramble incoherently when that happens. But the time has been spent introspecting as well as retrospecting, costing me some disturbed sleep intertwined with moments of peaceful, deep contemplation. It is in these fleeting moments, when the mind stops whirring like an air conditioner, that perspective pays you a long overdue visit.

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Many of our lives are spent chasing elusive rainbows and scaling the wrong peaks. We seem to find joy in having surmounted a peak, only to realize we are standing atop an active volcano. It’s as if we are ensconced in a train on a dark stormy night, fast asleep, only to be occasionally awakened by a stroke of lighting.
Occasionally, we pause to think what the heck we’re doing. We can even hear voices that say stuff like ‘taking care of your health?’ or …