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The temple of Rajnikanth

Disclaimer: I haven’t watched Kabali
India was a much divided nation on Friday, 22nd July. It was divided between people who had Kabali tickets and those who didn’t. By Monday, the nation was still divided between people who had watched Kabali and those who hadn’t. And between those who liked it and didn’t. People seemed to be more interested in telling everyone that they were going for the movie than they were in the movie itself. After the initial reviews started to trickle in, the nation was still unclear on what stance it had taken. Was Kabali a hit? A flop? After the smoke from the crackers has died down and the milk used to pour on the star’s massive cut outs had curdled, the nation still wants to know.
I’m not a very religious person but I would presume that many people reading this piece are. No one asks for proof of God. If you pray and your prayers aren’t answered, you don’t stop praying. You will visit more places of worship but not give up on your hopes and dreams.