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Absolut Derailment: From Mamata Bannerjee to Dinesh Trivedi, with absolut(e) love

Any given Tuesday

Virat Kohli must have woken up with a premonition that the world was ending real soon
Any other reason which could explain the ferocity of Tuesday’s trailblazer would be deemed unworthy of an innings that seemed to crashland from some parallel universe. But if you dig a little deeper, the collective over joyousness didn’t stem from the innings itself, but what was surmounted to reach that point of no return.
The scoreboard is a liar
It speaks eloquently of results but not the fight or the heartbreak. The scoreboard since India’s English summer that was dubiously replicated in the Australian summer showed huge defeat margins. But the fan didn’t just grieve for the losses. He grieved for the nature of the losses. There was no fight to reminiscence about, no intent to find solace in. The scoreboard didn’t speak of the nihilism that followed those disastrous outings.

The excuses won’t set you free
VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid know a thing or two about conquering the improbable. Their collective…